We're Both Wiped Out

She's the only nearly-16-year-old cat I know that can wriggle out of a muzzle and make a bee-line for the nearest closet.

Finally we caught her again but she leaped off the table as she was getting sedated, although whatever managed to make it into her was enough to do the trick.

So what did the ultrasound show?

Normal intestines.  Uh, what!?

The radiologist saw nothing out of the ordinary, other than she has a senior cat's kidneys (not surprising).  They even took a peek at her chest area and didn't see tumors on her lungs or anything.

I still don't understand why a cat with a now semi-clean bill of health won't eat, but possibly it's just that her thyroid really went whacko and needs to get under control.  That may take a few doses.  I also wonder if she has nausea from her high thyroid levels, so I'm going to mention that when I give the doctor a follow-up call tomorrow (Friday) as he asked me to do.  

I think the doctor actually was amused by The Cat's antics.  I mean, he let her crawl under the kennel (where three kitties of varying health status were napping!) to hide while the sedative kicked in.  The signal for that was when she crawled out from underneath and her back legs buckled.  Flop!  So they were able to do the ultrasound with little resistance.  Don't worry, she got her scratching in while they were shaving her, but at least she got only the technician while the cat who was in line before her scratched the doctor.

Obviously, I feel guilty that she had to go through all that.  I'm also a bit annoyed that it appears there's no lymphoma--good thing I stopped her chemo.  But what was all that?  She's cured? It was never there?

She hid and slept all yesterday afternoon and evening, coming out only to drink water and use the litterbox.  When I woke up in the middle of the night she was in her usual spot next to me on the bed, so that was a good "normal" thing to see.  (She probably is chilly with so much of her fur shaven.)  But when I got up for breakfast, she wanted me to leave her alone, so I just let her go to her different nap locations and I helped her take a drink when she was doing one of her "thyroid yells."  She's sleeping in the bedroom closet right now, and I'm just going to leave her be.

But I just hope yesterday's craziness is behind us and she'll start to perk up a little.  I'm still thinking maybe a shot for nausea and a shot of fluids might help her.  We'll see what the doctor says.  

Poor little shaved kitty.


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