I Think It's Time for Good News Friday

Here are mine:

1. Last night after I climbed in bed, seconds later I was surprised by a leaping purring thing--The Cat!  She curled up next to me and purred for a while as I was petting her.  That was the first time she let me touch her and didn't seem afraid I was going to stuff her in a carrier.  So maybe that means the medication is calming down her thyroid and she's feeling better.  She's still hiding out in the bedroom closet this morning, but she did come out for a few drinks of water and even licked a bit of cat-food gravy off my fingers already.

2. I got a call for a job interview, so everybody please say prayers and/or think good thoughts Monday morning.

Does anyone else have good stuff going on?  There's nothing that's too small to be happy about so please share! 



ccr in MA said…
Other than it being Friday? Well, it's still fresh pea season, which makes me very happy! And now I'm looking forward to getting into bed and snuggling with my own purring thing. And sleeping late!
Solitary Diner said…
I've lost 15 pounds and am up to running 7 km! This is all good.

Best of luck with your interview on Monday. You deserve some good news in your work life.
Kate P said…
CCR--Peas, sleeping late, purring Latin Lover felines, all sounds good to me!

S.D.--Woo-hoo! Nice. Talk about a "runner's high" there. And thanks for the well wishes.

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