The Cat's Not Eating

She's sleeping a lot, but still grooming herself and drinking water--even gets herself a drink while I brush my teeth for bed (where she hangs out with me until I fall asleep).  In fact, Saturday morning she went bonkers at the patio door because there was a chipmunk skittering across the patio.  (Updated to add: She also continues to scratch the heck out of my living room furniture.)

She sometimes asks for food, but then walks away right after sniffing or taking one bite, or sometimes even before I can get the food in front of her.

Since she hasn't been eating much I haven't been able to get her hyperthyroid medication into her, so that's not helping.  Maybe it's giving her a short attention span.  I did ask the new vet to order some of transdermal gel (Rob said they use it on their cat) because I figure I should be able to get it onto her while she's sleeping.

Still waiting on the blood/urine tests the new vet did, and as I mentioned before he also wants another ultrasound.  I just want to know what's going on with her--and whether to do something to "fix" it or just make her comfortable while we say our long goodbyes.

This isn't fun.



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