The Eve of the Last Week of School

Holy cow--it's really here.  Finalized my grades last Friday and the books from the summer reading book sale (ugh) are packed up.

Is the money from the sale counted? No.

Is my desk clear? No way.

Did I fill out all the award certificates, some of which are for a Wednesday morning event? Not yet--they're on my desk.

Those are the big "to do" items this week.  And chasing down the last two students who have been blowing off their overdue book fines.  I issued one final threat on Friday (no field day participation, and most students live for that day) and sent e-mails home stating the same.

So, I'll probably be fielding parental responses Monday morning.

But first: Monday faculty/staff meeting.

Those crazy kids have the day off!



ccr in MA said…
Well, if all those things were done, what would you do this week? Might as well have them to do!
Kate P said…
CCR, you would not believe it--it was a rush of things to do on Monday and Tuesday, and then once all that was done, I actually WAS done. It felt weird!

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