The Cat: Sweet Sixteen

The Cat would be contributing to this post herself, but right now she's in the middle of her fifth nap for the day.  Schedules are still very important to older kitties!

However, she was kind enough to tolerate pose for some photos earlier this morning, when I had the window open (briefly, as it got hot-and-humid in a hurry).

Let's see, after I chewed on the catnip, what was I going to do?

Oh, yeah! Birdwatching!

She did have an early present yesterday, as we had a chicken sandwich--meaning I sat down to lunch and she approached the plate with much interest in a generous sample.  So far today she has been treated to tuna juice.  And there might be some steak later.  But of course there certainly will be some armchair snuggle time.

If she's willing to share the armchair and the remote, that is.

Recap of her year:  She showed off her toes (August); played Catzilla (December); adjusted to a new litterbox and fired up her laser eyes (January); spent way too much time at the vet in March dealing with her neck boo-boos; played with toys and met a new vet (May); and got a funny haircut (with a side of non-lymphoma test results!) in June.

And in between all that, there was much purring and patting my face with her paw while I was trying to sleep.  Some things don't change, no matter how old you get.

Happy Birthday, Cat!  I am glad you are here, my fluffy little friend.



Dave E. said…
Happy Birthday, The Cat!

Sounds like she had a good day.
ccr in MA said…
Happy birthday to El Gato! So glad she had such a good day--and that you did, too!
Sara said…
Awww, happy belated bday dear Kitty!

Admit it, you spent all day singing the oldies songs about 16 year olds... you know, from when you could sing love songs to girls just turning 16 without sounding like a creep.
Kate P said…
On behalf of The Cat, thank you very much for the birthday wishes, Dave, CCR, and Sara!

The Cat does like oldies. . . and there IS a Stray Cats song for next year (God willing) she might like. ;)

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