It's a Three-Oreo Night

And they will be washed down with a glass of red wine.

The Cat? Oh, she's still here.  Drinking tuna juice and cat-food gravy here and there, scratching up the armchair, napping in all her favorite places at their appointed times on the rotation.

It took me THREE DAYS to get a copy of her records from the old veterinarian's office.  I called Monday, I went Tuesday and could do nothing but fill out the form ("I have them right here on my chair but I didn't get to it yet"--newish incompetent receptionist), and then I sat in the office waiting room for half an hour while they finally were photocopied.  At least I saw a cute kitten who was trying to bust out of her carrier while her people talked to the tech, and I chatted with a guy (married, natch) who was picking up a spayed puppy.

My aunt (married to one of my mom's brothers) had surgery yesterday and it appears it wasn't done right--especially upsetting to my uncle who is a doctor himself. Today's update doesn't sound great, either. Gotta pray.  

And I got a rejection letter from the place where I'd thought I'd had a great interview.

The highlight of the day was my new tutoring job (a.k.a. money to add to the SOSOB fund).  And buying wine (not with the aforementioned earnings--but isn't that wine brand name hilarious? Wishful thinking!).

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an interview with some Oreos.



Sara said…
Awwww. E-hug.
ccr in MA said…
Aw, man! I'm so sorry, so sorry, so sorry! Days like that just suck. I hope everything gets better soonest.
Dave E. said…
Sorry to hear that job prospect didn't work out. Keep the faith.
Kate P said…
Thank you all very much. It's been a bummer of a week.

And I have to correct myself and say it was a glass of WHITE wine. (Also very good.)

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