My First Thought: Why Is Wolverine in a Puffy Shirt?

Oh, no. It's a 12' statue of the movie version of Mr. Darcy, re-creating a scene not found in the book.

How. . . fannish?



ccr in MA said…
Isn't that awful? Who ever thought that was a good idea? It's frightening!
Kate P said…
YES. I thought I was the only one who thought that looked scary!
Dave E. said…
Some expat should do something truly scandalous, like sneak in there at night and put a giant can of Budweiser in his hand.
Kate P said…
Good one, Dave! Y'know, there is something a little "Bob's Big Boy" about that statue.
Sara said…
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... having never seen the Firth version of Pride and Prejudice, I was completely lost when Darcy did that in "Lost in Austen."


Now I get it.

PS - if you never saw it, "Lost in Austen" is a fun little romp of how a modern lass who finds herself in the world of P&P In Elizabeth's place manages to %$#* everything up.

But, um, ick to the "statue". Very "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies."
Kate P said…
I really liked "Lost in Austen"! Pride & Prejudice & Zombies actually KNEW it was a parody. ;)
Sara said…
Knowing that it was just in that production makes more sense as to why Ms. Price had to ask him to do that, leaving him as befuddled as I.

Aha! Clever.

And, having never read P&P&Z, I know nothing more than that statue definitely looks like he wants braaaaaaaaaainssssssss. Preferably brains of the proper class and breeding, but brains none the less.
Kate P said…
And the ninja-trained Bennett sisters would kick his butt!

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