Trying to Beat the Heat & Hanging out with The Cat

Or at least cope with it, anyway.  This morning, I decided that using English Breakfast tea bags to make iced tea qualifies it as a breakfast beverage.

It's supposed to reach 96 in Philadelphia proper, and the 'burbs will get close to that.  I feel bad for the people who have to work outside or even just have to wait for the next SEPTA bus (which hopefully has working A/C and won't break down) to arrive.  It's about 1:00 and I'm trying to decide if it's worth venturing out to the gym.  I didn't go yesterday because I was called to sub in at the Reference Desk at my side job.  Maybe I'll just do a video here in the air conditioning, and not venture out until later tonight for some trivia.

Update on the ill among my tribe: My aunt's still not doing well and is back in the hospital.  I don't know what they did to her but it doesn't seem right.  

As for The Cat, well, after getting over some scary side effects from Friday's anti-nausea shot Saturday morning, she has been more interested in food--e.g. venturing into the kitchen for something to eat--and even has regained the confidence/strength to jump up on the kitchen counter for her drink from her special cup in the kitchen sink.  She's not eating a whole lot of solid food, but now she is content to lick the gravy off some Fancy Feast and chew some of the munchy parts.

I hope you can see this video--The Cat is taking one of her typical long drinks of water in the kitchen.  (Can you see she still has a slight patch of missing fur at her scruff from the whole boo-boo ordeal?)  She actually went back and took another drink immediately after this one.  I wonder if she drinks more at once so she can take longer naps.  She's got a schedule to keep, you know.

I have to add that the vet was very helpful in dealing with my concerns Saturday morning.  The doctor left for vacation but I got a call right back from the tech (the one I thought didn't like The Cat very much) and she told me about not only the side effects but also some options of vet hospitals to call/visit if The Cat didn't get better.  Fortunately, I was able to call her back by noon to tell her The Cat was looking better.  She also called that evening while she was at the vet to feed the animals staying there, to double-check that The Cat was still doing O.K.

It was a tough decision, but I do feel I made the right choice in moving on from the previous vet.



ccr in MA said…
Such a good sign that she feels like jumping! I agree, it seems like the vet switch was called for.

Hope you kept cool today!
Kate P said…
Every chance she gets now, she's jumping, CCR!
Dave E. said…
That's a good video. She looks like she has balance and control and from that angle she doesn't look too thin or frail.
Kate P said…
She's very fluffy from the chest up, Dave. It's the belly shave that makes her look scrawny from the side and back. Not to mention the bizarre buzz one of her legs got, so it looks really bony. The good news is that the "fluff" is growing back!

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