Color Me Surprised

My head started hurting this morning, and I thought maybe I answered too many questions at Trivia last night (Goldeneye was Pierce Brosnan's first Bond film! Those are lyrics from "Losing My Religion"! etc.).  Then I started feeling warm this afternoon.  No, I did not suspect my hair like Pedro, but I finally got out the thermometer at 4:00.

It felt like longer than usual for the digital thermometer to "chirp," and there it was, 99 degrees.  Which for someone like me who tends to run below 98.6 for "normal" felt way worse.

Guess I'll lie low until tomorrow. Ugh.



ccr in MA said…
Take it easy, and feel better soon!
Dave E. said…
I hope you were able to shake it off. If not, Dr. Dave prescribes a good meal topped by a shot or two of bourbon and a good night's sleep. What the heck, see if The Cat wants a shot too. Can't hurt.
Kate P said…
Thanks! I don't know what it was, but I really was dragging for several days there. Good riddance to whatever that was.

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