The Friday Five--with Bonus!

Five things that made me laugh this week:

1. My co-worker S's prediction that a crybaby slacker in our department will plead inability to help pick up some of the open documents remaining after the departure of co-worker D. . . accompanied by hilarious pantomime.

2. Quote from my classmate after I used a fifty cent word on the discussion board in the class we take together:
You have no business using a word like schadenfreude. What is this, grad school?????What makes you think these knuckle draggers will know the word?

3. Younger Sister's response to Our Maiden Aunt's crazy "put yourself out there" e-mail: She can be pushy but whatever, she probably just doesn't want you to wait until you are 50 to find a guy. ;-)

4. Discovering that the "thump" I heard in the living room Monday morning while I was getting ready for my work was my cat, who had chased her tail and successfully caught that flickering varmint. (She's very kitten-like at times, for ten and a half!)

5. My mom's concern for my youngest nephew (soon to be second-youngest, any day now) because he noticed my ring and declared his favorite color is purple at dinner last Friday night. He's also fascinated by pedicures. I'm not worried; he also loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Monster Trucks. Seriously, don't even get him started about Monster Trucks because he'll get too wound up. (Did I mention he's two years old?)

And, since I didn't do a Friday Five last week: Five things that upset me this week:

1. Checking in on one of my group projects and finding that an aggressive group member had redone the slides I'd made up, that everyone previously had said they'd liked. (Yes, I changed them back. Except for an image I stole from her.)

2. Standing in The Slowest Confession Line ever on Wednesday night, all the while agonizing about how much schoolwork I could still get done when I got home without having to stay up until 1 a.m. (You can't tell me that doesn't count as extra penance. I even helped the lady in front of me because she was waiting for her kids to come over the from the gym, and of course they did while it was her turn--so I let them know where she was. And I got to bed at 12:15 a.m.)

3. Hearing a partner for my other group project call the materials I handed in "a good start." (No, I wanna be done!!! Please???)

4. Watching The Pianist. It was well done, but man, did I cry at parts.

5. Saying goodbye to my co-worker D, whose last day is today. One of the coolest, hardest-working people at my office. I'm going to miss our Project Runway and Top Chef rehashes.

I'm moving house this weekend, so I probably won't be doing much online. This will be the first time I've moved with my DSL, so I'm praying that setting it back up won't be a complete disaster. I still have a paper to hand in next week!


Mr. Bingley said…
Good luck with the move! At least it's not raining like those dopey weathermen claimed it would.

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