The Maiden Aunt's Newest Lovey

Just got the call from Older Brother--newest nephew arrived this evening. He's a big little guy (just a shade under nine and a half pounds) and he and his mommy are doing great. Thank God.

Maybe now that my mind is eased a bit--everybody's healthy and that he was spared a fairly outlandish name (well, it's no more incongruous than my name is with our surname)--I can finish this dumb paper and end this crazy quarter.


nightfly said…
Mazel tov!

Regarding the last name - it's odd, but often I'll fill out small details as needed with the cyber friends I've never met. I have a little mental picture (mostly having nothing to do with appearance) that snaps to mind as a place holder for each person, so when I type, it's like having a conversation with those folks. My wife worries because I'll sort of mutter along to myself, especially during a post like one of the AI or Heroes recaps - but I'm really muttering to all of you. (Poor Ladybug, I just talk out loud to her, and she has to rewind the DVR because I've drowned out the program. The blog sorts are kind of lucky that way.)

If I ever do meet folks in real life, like Mr. Bingley or Sheila, I correct as needed.

In your case, I always picture you with a long Russian-esque name, and that Kate P was like your mild-mannered name. Your crime-fighting alter-ego is Katerina Paniskova - you dash out on your super-power Harley to right wrongs and pass grad school classes in a single term paper. And when you punch things there are orchestra hits and large animated BIFFs and POWs float in the air.

Sorry for being so goofy, but I've tried being normal and it makes me malfunction.
Kate P said…
Thank you! (And I'm with you on the normal idea--it's too much work! Besides, every time the hockey report comes on the radio, I wonder how *your* blood pressure is doing. Oh, those Islanders.)

Katerina Paniskova--didn't she compete in Ice Dancing in Albertville? Wrong ethnicity on the last name but frighteningly accurate on the letter count! But yes, I have retained from my youth both the girly-ness and the boo-boos (moving really banged up my hands and shins) while fighting egregious office typos and evil term papers.

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