The Friday Five

O.K., so I'm a little late for Friday. It was a very long day. Glad to be home.

Five indulgences when I am on break from school (my most recent one ending this Sunday night--too short!):

1. Renting videos. Although this past break I borrowed this box set from the library near work and watched it over the course of two weeks as I've been packing. . . and unpacking. Didn't finish it, but I got just about to the point where I'd come in when it aired on TV, so I got my $2.50 worth.

2. Reading anything and everything that has as little to do with education as possible. Unless it's educating me on what nail polish is hot for Spring. For some reason my reading appetite seems to increase when I'm on break. *shrug*

3. Enjoying a cocktail or wine with dinner when I get home from work--not that I get soused but I don't need to keep my head clear for fending off the Lesbrarians. I didn't get that beer I was pining for at Emily & Ken's (language alert) this morning; as a social trick I tend to have whatever somebody else is having, so tonight it happened to be a Cape Cod. . . and a heavy on the Cod one at that. (I just made that expression up. It was pretty boozy, in case I was unclear.)

4. Making plans with my family, or anybody, for that matter. It should be a little easier with one class fewer now, but it was really sad not being able even to get to a movie once in a while. I'm hoping to squeeze in this one this weekend with Mom.

5. Actually eating my lunch on my lunch hour instead of reading or scribbling drafts of posts and/or papers in my car (in a remote parking lot). Being a stealth student is hard work.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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