Maiden Hit-and-Run

My SIL's mom is in town to help with the impending arrival of Nephew #3 (a.k.a. The Bun). My mom and I were invited over for dinner last night and my mom returned a DVD of a documentary on homebirth to my SIL with the comment that it was "interesting." (I was an unintentional homebirth for my parents: sheet, hallway, late-arriving/shaky-handed paramedics. Hardly a romanticized, ritualistic event.) My SIL is very gung-ho about it and started talking it up to me.

Mom cut in: "I think it gives a little more information than Kate really needs to know."

SIL's Mom: "I think she's old enough to hear about it."

Me: "Well, actually, when you're over 30 [and single] it's a little depressing."

Sometimes I really wonder if having women who are married and have children relate to me is a really random occurrence.


Mr. Bingley said…
Honey, I'm married and a father, and when friends of ours wanted to tell me all about their childbirth and show me pictures, I was like "BLECH!!! KEEP THAT SH*T TO YOURSELF!!!".

So I know what of you are speaking.
Kate P said…
Yeah, even though I lean toward the natural-health/non-traditional medicine stuff, some things are just TMI.

Then, while we're waiting for the teakettle, my mom (3 kids) and her mom (6 kids) are exchanging "knowing" comments while watching my SIL lumber around in the next room. . . "The baby is really, really low." "I know, any lower and. . ." Aaah! Thank you for not finishing that!!!

I love spending time with my family--and I did thoroughly enjoy my niece & nephews--but when I'm the only non-married, non-parent adult in the house, the dinner party tends to have some pretty sucky moments.
Mr. Bingley said…
TMI, exactly. I really can't imagine wanting to show friends pictures of my Bride's naughties during childbirth. I mean, I can't imagine taking the damn things in the first place, but the thought of then showing them to people. Words fail.

Really, I'd much rather see your slide show of that trip to the Grand Canyon last year.

Kate P said…
Crystal Caverns! (snicker, snicker)

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