The Friday Five: A Frame-Up

This crazy winter weather! Some parts of the area got a little snow, compounding the problem of last night's freeze-up. I got a surprising call this morning: the computer guy was coming to fix my Mac at 1:00. So I ran and cleaned up everything--what I didn't have time to organize got stockpiled in the bedroom. The cat would be hiding in there, anyway.

So at nearly 1:20, I get another call. One of his employees is stuck somewhere, and he has to go help that person and cover some other jobs, so ETA would be closer to 4:00. No good--I have to be at work by 5:00. And no way to reschedule at that point--I just have to call next week. I understand I'm not a big priority customer, but I was really, really upset. I was really looking forward to having everything fixed. I had hoped to have access to my writing so I could enter a contest next week. . . I don't know if I'm going to make the deadline now, which is frustrating.

Needless to say, I needed cheering up. I had to go fax a thank-you note to the interview people from yesterday, and I decided I'd take a chance and see about getting my graduate degree framed. It, like everything else this week, took longer than expected. I give you the five steps to getting my degree framed:

1. Walk into the frame shop and summon the courage to call out, "Hello?" because no one is out front.

2. Be rewarded for my patience as the lady, after she calls the frame guy in from salting the back parking lot, lets me use the coupon that just came out in the local coupon magazine.

3. Enjoy the friendly antics of the funny red dog (depicted in the coupon page) who comes out to sniff me--and almost smooch me--as I wait for the lady to finish the phone call she picked up just after starting to talk to me.

4. Dither over practically every little aspect of the mats, the color of the mats, the width of the mats, the shape of the frame, etc. (I maintain that it's the frame guy's fault for giving a Libra too many choices.)

5. Realize that it has been over ten years since I got my bachelor's degree framed, and that the price obviously has gone up, despite the fact that the size of the degree has gone down, and put down a deposit.

Graduate degree: $$$$$
Frame for actual degree: $$$
Dog amusement and the knowledge that in about two weeks the degree will be up on my wall: Priceless.


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