Suiting Up

On my to-do list today was to take my "interview suits" (anybody else have those? Mine are pretty much in this family, only one set is a black and taupe dress/jacket and the other is navy pinstriped pants/skirt/jacket) to get tailored when I picked up my dry cleaning this afternoon. These suits have not been worn in over six years, and, um. . . Man, was I a big girl then. And that was even having been in the process of losing weight for seven months prior to purchasing them. I wasn't even sure the tailor would be able to cut the pieces down that many sizes, but I figured I'd take the chance because undergoing the hassle and expense of buying a new suit, which would require tailoring anyway to shorten sleeves and pant hems, is something I'd prefer not to do at this point in time.

The tailor, a nice Korean lady who understands far more English than she speaks, got out her pins right away, so I thought that was a good sign. After several lengthy pinnings, the suit pieces started to look as if they belonged on me--the older, more in-shape, more-educated me of today. Even if I was wearing cat-printed socks (please don't tell my sister--she always rags on me about that when we go shopping and try stuff on).

Including the cost of cleaning one of the jackets, the total came to $155. Makes you gasp, but that's five pieces, all lined--and you saw the prices on that link, right? I think it's well worth it.

The only remaining problem? The interview shoes from six years ago are lonnnng gone.


Maggie May said…
But now you get to go SHOE shopping...which is way better than clothes shopping IMHO. You never look at your feet and think "Do I look fat in these?"
Cullen said…
I am so glad to be a guy.
Anonymous said…
That is a pretty good deal actually. Ive been thinking about that sort of thing lately. One of my classes may require a dress code for the four presentation days.
Maggie hit the nail on the head!
Kate P said…
MM--Hmmm, shoe shopping *can* be kinda fun, even to this 7W.

Cullen--I know! Your biggest dilemma is probably, "Where's my lucky interview necktie?"

A.C.--that's interesting, b/c I often do wonder if anybody taught people in college how to dress appropriately for business anymore. My first college as an undergrad had a dress code, and it was actually kind of helpful when it came to having to dress up for other occasions.
nightfly said…
Well, sometimes it is distressing to button up the suit one wore months ago and get visual (and tactile) evidence of the ten pounds one has gained since then.

Sigh... "So - I'll just keep my jacket ON all night, then..."
Kate P said…
Yup, 'Fly, suits are not very forgiving!

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