Just Curious About Something

Do you ever get contacted by someone you used to know (maybe from college or an old job), out of the blue, and they seem interested in catching up--and then after you respond and tell them what you're up to, they talk up their business, or their spouse's business? More like pitching a service to you (and everybody else whose contact info shakes out of their address books)?

Do you fall for it, like, every time?

Or am I the only chump?

I mean, seriously--this last go-around, in the middle of the e-mail, I get hit with this: a bunch of links to the husband's business websites and "He is excited that he can now share this with you. If you would like more information, please let me know or visit [website]." Stock spiel. I mean, I'm mostly unemployed! I'm not even remotely affiliated with any business interested in whatever they're offering, and they know that, if they even read my previous e-mail.

I don't even know how to respond to it. All I really wanted was to see how big and cute their daughters are now.

Way to get my hopes up that I might be reconnecting with some old friends, and then dash them against some stupid business plan.


Annie Coe said…
That is awful. I have never had it happen, but I will be on the look out now. I think everyone is always trying to drum up business. I feel weird just putting my Etsy shop and blog address on my emails, but I do just in case, however, I never ask people to look or buy. Sorry about your dashed hopes.
Kate P said…
Well, Annie, I think putting it as part of your e-mail signature is a different thing, and that's O.K. to do. But what this person did was all throughout this message that purportedly was about our catching up on each others' lives, to the point where it dominated the e-mail. It just didn't ring true as a friendly e-mail.
nightfly said…
I had someone reply to a post I'd written with a form e-mail inviting me to their website about said topic, including a request for me to blogroll them. Uh... NO.
Kate P said…
Well, at least that was a complete stranger. . .

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