It's not Friday, but. . .

. . . I'm doing a Friday Five anyway. (No time last Friday--scrambling to get things done and then worked from 5 to close. Too frazzled to think.)

When 2008 rolled around, I made a list of goals for the year, because I don't "do" resolutions. Now I'm preparing my goals for 2009, and in reviewing the nine I made for 2008, I see a few that I accomplished: Drop at least five pounds (that was down to the wire, and only as the result of working like a dog at the bookstore before Christmas), save for an iPod, get back to writing, and get a shorter (than my novel) writing piece published (hey, a guest post on my mentor's widely read blog counts, right?). But I also see five goals for 2009 that I'm carrying over from 2008:

1. Go to at least one museum. (Just did not happen in 2008. Shameful.)

2. See a Shakespeare play. (First time was in 2007, and I very much want to see another one.)

3. Purchase iPod. (Saving took me all year, sadly.)

4. Complete final review/rewrite of first novel. (I had bursts of writing, but I'm still not done. And I keep getting diverted by ideas for the second one that are coming more easily.)

5. De-clutter and keep home clean. (Working full time and going to school full time? What was I thinking? I'm just digging out from school now.)

Definitely need to add "Floss more" to the 2009 list. Oh, yeah--"Get a job." That one, too, for sure.

Do you have any goals for 2009? Do share! Or just feel free to comment on mine.


Dave E. said…
I'm not much on New Year's resolutions, but I can relate to the clutter goal. That seems to be an on-going one for me.
Kate P said…
Seriously, I think the clutter hides for a few days and then shows up all at once one morning. Ugh.

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