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This one's a bit of a mystery to me. Yesterday, my 2-1/2 year old wireless mouse stopped working. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, just usual computer mousing. The receiver lights up when I plug it into the laptop, the laptop acknowledges the connection, and the mouse has fresh batteries. There's a total of one troubleshooting solution in the booklet, and that didn't do anything. I went to the "support" website (the initials "M.S." ring a bell?) but it appears this particular model has been superseded. Twice.

So, do wireless optical mice just "die" after a couple of years, or what? Do I have to go pick up a new one?

Please enlighten, if you can. Or you can just vent some technology rage. That's O.K., too.


Dave E. said…
It's tough to troubleshoot remotely, but make and model?
Cullen said…
It's been my expierience that all mice (technological and otherwise) will just die eventually.

Humor aside, every mouse I've ever owned since 1995 has died -- from the $100 Kensington trackball (I really miss that one) to the cheap lasers I keep buying every time one dies out.

Is the laser on the mouse still lighting up? If not, I'm sure it's probably dead. Is so, there might be a connection issue between the mouse and the USB dongle. Either way, unless it fixes itself, it's most likely going to be cheaper to replace than repair.
Kate P said…
Dave--it's a MS Wireless Notebook 3000. I've had it for over 2 years, and there are at least two models superseding it by now.

Cullen--Haha! Yeah, the laser still lights up. It worked for about five minutes tonight, then stopped. I pulled a cat hair out it, but still no luck. The only troubleshooting advice is to push the "connect" button on the receiver, and then the one on the mouse itself, but I still get nothing.

The laptop mouse thingy is driving me nuts--too sensitive, and a mousing area the size of a wallet photo is very limiting.
Karol said…
Could it be that the battery is dead?

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