Sometimes the Simplest Solution. . .

. . . is the one you think of last. Very late last night, after slogging through resume' updates, cover letter writing, and e-mail on the annoying school e-mail system which is made even more annoying by the fact I'm trying to use the "mouse" pad/buttons on the laptop, I rummaged around for a AA battery and replaced it in the mouse that apparently had gone on strike.

It started working.

I wasn't entirely trusting of it, so I thought I'd wait until this morning to make sure it still worked.

Yes, it still works.

Congrats to Karol for guessing correctly. I kept telling myself, "But I just changed the battery not too long ago!"

You never can tell, though. Thanks to everybody who tried helping me out. There's just no help for when I'm having one of those (hopefully rare) flaky moments!

So, uh, anybody know what to do with a clogged toilet?


Dave E. said…
"the mouse has fresh batteries"

I'm afraid we are going to have to put you on IT troubleshooting probation, Kate.

At least it's not as bad as the owner who once called me up to his office because his monitor didn't work. When I turned it on it worked just fine.
Kate P said…
I _deserve_ probation! Librarians are supposed to be a lot more technology proficient.

O.K., at least I'm not as bad as monitor guy. I feel better.
Dave E. said…
Fair enough. I just would hate to see you end up in the double-secret IT Help Desk database as one of "those" users. I've gotten a couple of folks out, but the cost, the cost. ;)

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