Been a Bit Buried

Yes, it is so cold and windy that you'd want to huddle under a blanket, too.

It has been hectic around here--and at the same time, I don't feel as if I'm getting anywhere. Ever have one of those weeks?

So, just to get back up to speed:

  • Because the library is closed Good Friday all the way through Easter Sunday, I'm cramming 17 hours of work into three days (because Thursdays I work at the bookstore). I know it doesn't sound hard, but (a) my supervisor has been out since last Friday and hadn't told me when she was coming back--until a co-worker asked me tonight if I'd seen her walk in on her way to the board meeting (uh, NO); (b) a lot of what I'm working on right now is dependent on outside information/responses, and I'm waiting; and (c) because of the Passover/Easter/spring break stuff going on this week, the library is either super-busy or super-dead. Today, it was super-busy when I walked in at 2:30 and super-dead from about 7:30 till close.

  • Cullen posted his answers to my interview questions!

  • Ashley made some tasty-looking cupcakes at her little apartment!

  • These are the kinds of things I get excited about these days!

  • I'm trying to get more exercise in during the week--so far, pretty successful. (The best part about exercise videos is that you can yell insults at the instructors and they just continue on with the same goofy smile on their faces.) Where I'm failing is the apparently concomitant increase in appetite. I hope that goes away.

  • Also going through one of those periods where it's just a drag being single. And I'm not talking about needing someone who, uh, understands me right now. I'm chaste, but I'm not dead inside, y'know?

  • Planning to sit down with the disc that supposedly has my salvaged data on it. I need to be able to do it at my leisure, which probably means the end of the week, after Good Friday. (In the meantime, I got my act together and ordered a back-up drive that my Mac advisor suggested--Thanks, Bingley!) I really need to start writing again, in full force.

  • Just simply looking forward to things slowing down at the end of the week. And having my sister home for Easter. And doing the "Polaroid project" with the kiddos.

Man, I sound sad. Don't you be sad! I know, I'll share one of the malapropisms that had me laughing really hard this past weekend:

Scene: Beavis & Butt-Head are watching the
video of Rick Derringer's "Real American" (featuring Hulk

BH: Hulk Hogan is a real American because he did
whatever it took to get big and strong--yeah, using all those

B: Um, I thought steroids were the
things you put up your butt to make you go poop.

BH: No, you dumba**! Uh. . . those are depositories.

B: Uh, oh yeah, right.

There's probably something very wrong with me that I find that funny. Did I mention the conversation segues into a discussion of how steroids are stupid because they "shrink your nads"?

Probably explains why I like working with teenagers, though.


Mr. Bingley said…

i'm reading isaiah 53 at church on thursday night...powerful stuff.
Dave E. said…
That Beavis and Butt-head sketch is funny. Good luck with the recovered data.
nightfly said…
Just about everything that Mike Judge touches turns into awesome.

Love the cat picture. It sums up cats succinctly - comfortable, aloof, and hairs on the upholstery.
Kate P said…
Bingley--woo hoo is right! You read Is. 53 on Thursday? We read it yesterday (Friday). By his stripes we were healed, that one? (Did you read it Pulp Fiction style? Just kidding!)

Dave--thanks. Still didn't look at it yet. (I know, I'm a chicken.)

'Fly--yeah, people who got uptight about B & BH didn't understand how much satire was in it. And that it wasn't for kids. As for the picture, add in one blanket she has claimed for her own personal use (you know, cats on it must mean it's hers) and that is the total picture.

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