The Friday Five: The New Season

This afternoon's monthly meeting of the library's "teen advisory board" went amazingly well--surpassed my (low) expectations. Even the voting for the new officers went fairly smoothly, as I'd been fearing a few hissy fits from some of the slightly more immature members.

Because the meeting ran late, I was spared having to run to my car and/or drive in a sudden downpour that came on a little before 6:30. I mean torrents coming down. It cleared up just as suddenly as it came on--and the sun came out! When I was waiting for traffic to ease up so I could exit the driveway, I looked to my left and there was a RAINBOW! Yay! If you look really hard at the photo below, you can see it very faintly in the center (to the right of the truck in the road).

Today's weather made people a little anxious to see if tonight's baseball (exhibition) game would be affected. Fortunately, the thunderstorms we'd had in the early afternoon, and that crazy downpour, were the worst of it. The game turned out fine (by my standards).

I'm excited about the start of baseball season--it means spring is really arriving! So let's talk baseball for the Friday Five:

1. Number of major league games I've been to in my lifetime: I'm not 100% sure but 10, possibly 12, is a pretty good guess.

2. Games I went to last season: One, with Younger Sister and one of her housemates who bought us beer and didn't openly root against the Phils. She's cool.

3. Rain delays: Two that I can recall. One when I was in my teens where we waited through it only to wind up leaving before the game was over because my dad thought it was getting way too late. The other was a couple years ago. I was in the suite of my former employers' outside attorneys, so I didn't mind.

4. Funniest moment at a game: A couple summers ago, Younger Sister wanted to go for her birthday, so I played hooky from work and went with her and one of our cousins. The new park had just opened and has a "Build a Phanatic" store--I gave her a gift card and she made a Phanatic doll to take with her back to Virginia (where they don't know what a Phanatic is). I let it slip that it was her birthday and the store employee made her wear a sticker that said, "I'm the Birthday Bear!" She was mortified. Hee hee hee.

5. Am I expecting another World Series win this year? Frankly, no. Not that I'm a fair weather fan, but it's a slightly different team this time around. That said, I like being pleasantly surprised. And I'm always up for a game.

Wishing you a non-stormy weekend!


Not sure just how many games I've been to, definitely way more than 10. But some highlights:

I saw both Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale pitch. Saw the great brothers Davis and the great Jimmy Gilliam and the great Johnny Roseboro and the great Maury Wills.

I saw one of Nolan Ryan's no-hitters in Anaheim.

I saw the last Dodgers/Giants double header ever (in SF).

Haven't been to a game in a few years now, though. Maybe it's time again.
Dave E. said…
Funniest moment was actually an entire game where there was less than 2000 people in the Metrodome. I practically had my own personal beer vendor. A couple of times I yelled "echo" and the outfielders looked up and laughed.

Oh, that's good. I've been to games at the Oakland Coliseum where that would have been so true.

Upside of those games, of course, is that after a few innings the ushers don't care if you sneak down into the expensive seats behind home plate.
blog nerd said…
Totally Off Topic:

Marc Prensky is that guy who develops video games for use in education.

Check him out for your gaming project at the library.
Kate P said…
Ken--now those are some memorable games!

Dave--"personal beer vendor"!? Now that's a low attendance!

Jen--thanks for the tip!!! :)

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