Prayer in the Face of Frustration

I could complain about how it appears my university's Education School has not sent in my completed application for teaching certification to the state dept. of ed. since receiving it a month ago.

I could complain about how I stayed up late working on my resume' last night because I thought I could get in on some of the deadlines to apply for jobs. . . until I realized every set of guidelines for application required a copy of my (not-yet-existent) teaching certificate.

I could complain about the jerks who fired my pilates teacher from her full time office job (on Monday!?), after leading her on about helping pay her tuition and having never given her a review or a raise in two years.

Instead, because tomorrow, May 1, is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, I'm going to pray. For my job search, for my pilate teacher's job search (and to thank God her share of the shore house she rented with friends for the summer is already paid off), for anyone looking for a job and/or having struggles with his or her current job, or feeling anxious about possibly losing his or her job.

Feel free to add any intentions in the comment box. Even if you don't exactly believe in or agree with asking saints to intercede, a little prayer never hurt anyone. (Although it might make you have to clean your car interior.)


Lizzie said…
You could turn in your applications with a letter of explanation that you'll send your certificate when you receive it. I think I did that with a few applications back when I was a brand-spanking-new French teacher!
Lindsay said…
I'd appreciate some prayers that I manage to secure a job for end of August/beginning of September when I'm done with my thesis. :o) Especially being in Boston... ugh, scared!
Kate P said…
Lizzie--thanks for the advice; a co-worker at the bookstore said it was possible to get around the requirement and made the same suggestion you did.

Lindsay--you got it. And remember the late JPII said, "Be not afraid!" :)

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