Just Checking In

Time's up for the giveaway--thanks to all who participated! The responses were really enjoyable and a lot of them had me cracking up. I'll be drawing the winner tonight, after I get my workout in, and will do the announcement with tomorrow's Friday Five. Not 100% sure when I'll be doing the Friday Five, though. I'll be up early (yikes) to go to the middle school for my very first booktalking with the sixth graders. . . totally freaking out about that, mostly because I don't know these kids at all and have barely read the books. . . that goes until 1:30 or 2 p.m., I think. Then the bookstore asked me to come in at 6. I think I'm helping cashier for an in-store book fair for one of the local schools, and that's 'til 10.

Sorry I've been so quiet. I've kind of been in a bit of a low physical/mental energy slump this past week. Someday I'll have a real job with a real health plan so I can address that, and someday the ghost of April past won't haunt me so much either. And maybe someday soon I won't be constantly humiliated at the library (let's discuss your failure to get paid in front of the whole office! let's have one person schedule you to work at the circ desk and then have another person ask you why you're standing there after half an hour!), but until then, it's burying myself in books and avoiding things like turning on the computer and loading the dishwasher until the last minute.

That said, I did read two pretty good things this past week: One was Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway. If you like young adult fiction you'll probably enjoy it. (Note: the hardcover version I borrowed from the library had a way better cover design.) O.K., it's a little vulgar at times (but really not extreme at all) and there's a little too much mention of "MJ" in it for my preferences, but I like that there are a lot of references to music. Reminded me of times with my late friend of high school/college and all our music obsessions and concert-going. She probably would've gotten all of the music references right off the bat. The resolution at the end was really well done and not silly, which I appreciated. Some of those high school girl stories can get really sappy and trite at the end.

Also, I stumbled upon a really well-written article in (of all places) the May issue of Self magazine. I almost didn't buy this magazine because I can't stand the "celebrity" on the cover. The singletons among my readership might appreciate this more than others. It's a personal piece by Sara Eckel (pages 36-38 if you go look it up in the library or grocery store) about not taking one's "single state personally." It was good stuff; really hit it on the head WRT a lot of my own feelings and experiences.

Now I'd really better go do that workout so I can get everything else done I need to before I send myself to bed early.


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