Post-Good-Friday Five: An Easter Tale

1. Today when I checked the mailbox, I was expecting bills and junk mail, but instead a little envelope showed up. When I opened it, out popped a handful of jellybeans and. . .
some cool fingerless mitts made by Lizzie!

2. They are snuggly warm (good because it is damp and cold out--and windy, right now).
Plus they look awesome.

3. Lizzie says this fluffy bunny pen is for signing important documents.
I imagine myself using it to sign cover letters for my resume'
(which for full Elle Woods effect should be scented).

4. Unfortunately, the pen had to go to an undisclosed location this afternoon, because. . .
someone else took a liking (and almost a licking) to it.

5. Thanks for the Easter present, Lizzie!
I wish I could send you some of the
marinated bell peppers I made for tomorrow's dinner.
Cooking and writing are pretty much where my talents lie.

Happy Easter to all my readers who celebrate the holyday and season--and to all, a very happy Sunday!


Dave E. said…
I'd say the odds are 3-1 that my dog would devastate that pen too. Er, not that I've kept fluffy bunny pens around or anything. :)

Happy Easter, Kate.
Lizzie said…
Happy Easter! Glad you like the mitts. :D
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter (Monday) Kate!
Those mitts are so cute!
"Cooking and writing are pretty much where my talents lie."

Hard to think of two more pleasant and useful talents. Well, except for the making of those fingerless mittens. I need some of those.
: )
Kate P said…
Dave--I guess hunting would include fluffy pens, so I could see Sammy doing that!

Lizzie--I do! Thank you!

A.C.--hey, Happy Easter Season back atcha!

Laura--well, that is so nice and validating of you to say. :) And Lizzie certainly does amazing stuff with yarn, doesn't she?

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