Part Time Job, Full Time Grief

My brain's a bit fried after writing my first article for the regular "library column" that appears in one of the local newspapers today. I wrote it from home; it's hard to sit at my dinky desk in the middle of the busy public computer area (which leaves you open to being interrupted constantly by users who need help). The library gave me no guidelines and I have no idea if I did it correctly. It has to get approved by the library's (temporary) director.

I think that's what is bugging me about this job: there is minimal guidance and I feel as if I'm floundering around half the time.

That, and the frequent comments from the rest of the staff about how I'm "never there." Yesterday I nipped that one in the bud the minute it came out of someone's mouth. Maybe I was overreacting a bit, but I felt within my rights to smile and say with an exasperated laugh, "Hey, that's hurting my feelings! I'm here. . . just not at the same time that you are, every time." Which is true--often I'm there at night, after the people who clock out at five are gone.

I guess I picked my response at the right time, because my direct supervisor happened to walk in and she added, "And I'm sure she'd be here more often if they offered her a full time job!"

Good observation.


nightfly said…
Great reply. Hopefully you will get something full-time and stable soon!
Kate P said…
I was shocked that she added her two cents in, in my favor.

But I still can't wait for that teaching certification!

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