24 Hour Freakout

By this time tomorrow night, I will be home from a crazy day at school, continuing into a crazy evening involving shuttling 40+ nine- to eleven-year-olds to a competition--something I've never done before, and something for which my predecessor (who is unreachable via phone or e-mail) left few notes. Of course things went haywire today: some of the teams were terribly ill-behaved during practice and I had to threaten one with "if I hear you yelling down the hall tomorrow night, I'll have you disqualified"; someone who volunteered to help had a family emergency and can't make it (scrambling for a replacement and it just might have to be an administrator); the kids who were supposed to bring in their t-shirts from last year never remembered (either they'll have them tomorrow or they'll just wear their uniform polo shirts--whatever).

Speaking of not remembering: Ordering pizza in advance to feed the kids fell through the cracks, so I had to scramble today and rush in a check request to the biz office. I hate rushing. I also hate trying to figure out how much pizza to get to feed the kids. (I don't eat takeout pizza.) At least the pizza place was nice and gave us a discount. Plus, they'll deliver.

After all that hoopla, I had to go interview for a possible summer job. It was pouring rain all the way there, and then the interviewer was running late. She was very nice but it sounds as if there are no job openings near my home, at least not that I can do, unless I can teach karate or fencing. (Sadly, no.)

However, she did mention that I might be a good fit for another location, and it would involve some teaching. Something interesting to do, working with kids, and would look good on my resume'. It's a little farther from home, and it's only for a month, but maybe that would be a springboard. I hope I hear good news about that next week.

As for JobQuest2011(?), I haven't heard a peep from the school district where I interviewed (I wonder if it's appropriate to follow up with a phone call), nor from another one where I applied for a job. I guess no news is good news--or at least, no news is not a no. Not yet, anyway.

Man, I am really nervous about tomorrow.


Good luck! I'll say a prayer for you!
ccr in MA said…
I'm sending good thoughts for the day (and evening) to you!

As for the interview follow-up, I don't think it's out of line to call and ask if they've made a decision yet, but it's the sort of thing I hate doing myself. Job hunting sucks, basically.
Rob said…
As I get older, I remind myself of Glenn Close in The Big Chill, "Sometimes, I can't believe what I hear myself saying". I imagine teachers experience that thought even more. :)
Kate P said…
The update is that every team garnered enough points to earn ribbons: 2 greens (third tier), 2 blues (top tier). Also, despite others' concerns that I'd ordered too much pizza, there was less than half a pie left over. So there.

Christine--prayers were very much appreciated!

CCR--thank you for the positive thoughts & the advice. I have to figure out whom to call. . .

Rob--Sounds about right. I had to get up in the middle of dinner to tell one of the kids to stop SQUEEZING his friend's NECK. Ugh. Gotta call his mom.

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