In Other News

A) Tomorrow is Palm Sunday--the start of Holy Week!

B) My parents' 40th wedding anniversary also is tomorrow. Among most people my age, at least that I know, it's kind of unusual. I got them a gift card to the movies and their (respective) favorite candies (Raisinets and Junior Mints).

C) I have two and a half days of school this coming week, and then I don't go back until the following Wednesday.

Exciting stuff, right?


ccr in MA said…
Happy anniversary to your parents! That's a long time, so congrats!
Congratulations to your parents!
Rob said…
Congrats to the parents.

Is their theater one that allows candy in from outside? :)
Kate P said…
CCR, Christine, and Rob: Thank you (on their behalf). I was told today that it's their Ruby anniversary. Mom didn't get rubies, but she got strawberries on her dessert. I think that counts.

CCR--Even my mom remarked she can't believe it's been that long. I'm very sure it's because we all look so young.

Rob--thank you (on their behalf). My mom's roomy purse says the theater allows candy from the outside. :)

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