This Week Felt Ages Long

It has been difficult to post during what is informally known as "Heck Week" at school (hey, there are little kids around and it's a Catholic school)--there's a big show where everyone's involved and there are very long days (into nights) required. It definitely wore everyone down by the time Thursday evening hit.

I have much to catch up on, both here and on other people's blogs--but for now, before I go paint my nails for this fancy-pants dinner that is the culmination of this week and pretty much the whole year, here are a couple of updates:

1. No news is good news when it comes to interviews. Haven't heard a thing, although as I understood it, screenings were going on this week as well, so it could take a while to hear from anyone.

2. I've also been looking into summer employment, and a local camp asked to do a phone interview with me next week. It's really close to where I live, so while I have no idea what it pays, minimal driving is a big plus.

3. The Cat is probably getting hyperthyroid-y again, unless it's just that she's been thrown off by the crazy schedule this week. Really tired of taking her to (and paying for) the vet so I think I'm going to see if the 3 a.m. poundings are just temporary.

4. We had snow yesterday. SNOW! However, it cleared up in time for Opening Day for the Phillies, so I guess that's all right, then.

5. I haven't been feeling too happy about being single lately. That's probably nothing new but it just has felt more difficult lately and I don't know why.

6. Tonight, I'm wearing a black cocktail dress, short with red accents at the mandarin collar and braid trim. Nobody at school has seen much of my legs, so the reaction probably will be interesting. I also got my hair trimmed and my stylist did an extra-fancy blowout with a bit of a side sweep, so at least in my own mind I look kinda hot and non-librarian-y.

Time to go do those nails. I'm watching "Beautiful Girls"; I think it's the influence of yesterday's snow.

I'll let you know if we eat anything good or some teachers do "booty-drops" or something else crazy on the dance floor.


Angela Noelle said…
Wow, that does sound like a super hot outfit for the evening! Hope you had fun :)
Rob said…
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Rob said…
Yeah, that cat thing is tough. If ours throws up, we have to start wondering if he's over-medicated, under-medicated, or just ate too much too fast. We can tell the hairball throw ups from the other ones. :)

Snow on Opening Day is a bummer in every sense. Glad they got it in. A sweep is a good way to open.

Beautiful Girls is one of my wife's favorites mainly because of Natalie Portman.
Kate P said…
Angela--oh, yes it was very fun. The band was good (LOUD, but good) and they gave me a CD just for coming up to talking to them afterwards.

Rob--I wish it were just vomiting. That can be upsetting enough. She unleashed some of her usual crazy calico personality on the associate vet tonight (I guess she really, really loves the usual dr. who calls her a "sweet kitty"). We'll see if she has to go for an ultrasound (ugh) but I am tired of the up-and-down.
I have mixed feelings about Portman--don't get all the adulation, but I respect her for some of the roles she's had--she's like the next Julia Roberts, I guess, at least for me.

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