Throwing Down the (Hockey) Gauntlet

Dear CCR,

Now that there will be a playoff series between the fierce Philadelphia Flyers and the beastly Boston Bruins, how's about a friendly wager?

If the Bruins win, I will send you a package of the (mailable) Philly delicacy known as Tastykakes.

If the Flyers win, you will send me a package of. . . well, something equally known as a (mailable) Boston delicacy. (I am disappointed that this puts Miri & Carlos out of the running, but I figured I had to be reasonable.)

Deal? R.S.V.P. in the combox.


Kate P.

P.S. My cat is already decked out in Flyers' colors, so I suggest you start knitting some fanwear for Miri & Carlos or Boston will question your loyalty.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, it’s on now! Deal!

Unfortunately, Miri qualifies as neither a delicacy nor mailable—especially not the latter! Which is a shame, as she is absolutely free to a good home…but I digress.

I will have to ponder the identity of the mailable Boston delicacy, as lobstah, chowdah, and Boston cream pie are none of them easily mailed. And I don’t think that Boston baked beans count as a delicacy! But I’ll come up with some ideas … unless you’d prefer your potential prize to be a hand-knit hat or scarf in Flyers’ colors? Just a thought.

I really want to see a picture of Cat in her Flyers’ colors! Unfortunately, I will not be knitting anything black-and-gold for my cats, as that would violate my firm in-house policy of no hand-knits for the home-cats. You can understand I feel pretty strongly against teaching the cats that yarn = toy. But I will continue to encourage them to learn what “Go Bruins!” means (watch the TV).
Kate P said…
I'll leave the prize to your discretion--but if it's a scarf you'd better start knitting 'cause Boston is going down! (Let the trash-talking commence.)

The Cat is in Flyers' colors every day, because she is orange, black, and white. All calicoes are automatic Philly fans. :)

Y'know, I'm somehow relieved to learn you don't knit little outfits for the cats. . .

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