Catch-Up , Single-Sentence Style

It's been a wee bit hectic around here, but then again, Holy Week always winds up that way.

Last Week

Tuesday: After complying with a last-minute recruitment to sing on a bad mic for Stations of the Cross at school, I went to a viewing for a co-worker's father (also a retired long-time faculty member) and then arrived at trivia night right before the music round to cement the victory for the team.

Wednesday: I covered a 7th grade English class for another faculty member who attended the funeral (which is why I could attend only the viewing) and then I visited my librarian friend at her library to drop off some donated books that were a bit too mature for my library.

Thursday: The Cat proceeded to make a liar out of her dear owner--who that morning had checked in with the vet to say everything's fine! and no violent illness in over a week!--by doing a very bad thing on the living room rug not long after I got home from Holy Thursday Mass.

Friday: Mom went with me to the Good Friday service at my sing-there-once-a-month church, but she bailed on the traditional post-church anchovy-aioli-pasta with my cousins.

Saturday: I did errands; The Cat continued her getting-sick streak by getting even more worrisome sick all over the place.

This Week

Sunday: Even though I didn't sleep much the night before, Easter Mass was lovely, and Easter afternoon with the family (complete with Flyers win) was a pretty good distraction from worrying about The Cat.

Today: I did my best to keep the apartment cool (well, not let it get above 80 in spite of the fact that the dang heat's still on in the building) and called the vet to make referral arrangements for The Cat's ultrasound.

Tomorrow: I have to try to get out of the apartment with unfed, sure-to-be-complaining cat in tow at 8:15 in the morning.

Not exactly my dream last day of vacation, peeps, but I think I'd rather go for a diagnosis instead of hauling her in every couple of weeks for what seem to be failed attempts to treat the symptoms.

Please pray for us!


ccr in MA said…
Oh, goodness, yes, poor kitty and poor you! I will be over here, visualizing happy outcomes.
Angela Noelle said…
What a whirlwind of a week it's been for you! I hope the vet is able to figure out the malady soon and get her treated properly.
Rob said…
Good Luck with the cat, Kate. I know how worried you must be.

Kate P said…
CCR--thanks, and thanks for sharing your experience with Carlos so I felt a little more comfortable with the procedure.

Angela--yeah, it's been quite a week. Thanks for the well wishes.

Rob--thanks. Hey, can you e-mail me? I'm having trouble accessing your blog (getting an "access forbidden" message) and I don't know what I did!
Rob said…
That should be fixed now, Kate. Totally my fault.

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