I Get Laundry Privileges in Exchange for Fashion Advice

Mom: These are the shoes I ordered from HSN. Try them on--aren't they comfortable?

Me: But- But- No way! They're sparkly!

Mom: They have toggles so I don't have to tie them! Well, at least they're not boring.

Me: Yeah, they're great if you're a waitress at a geriatric disco.

Mom: What? Are you saying I should return them?

Later, as I'm leaving:

Mom: I already packed up the shoes to go back.

Me: Good.

Mom: (somewhat martyr-ish-ly) I don't know what I'd do without you girls to tell me what's not fashionable.

Me: I know. So, um, how much is it worth to you that [Younger Sister] never finds out about those shoes?


Rob said…
Good on you, Kate. My mom is just the opposite. She has much more fashion sense than I ever had.
Dave E. said…
Mom has always had a good fashion sense. My dad on the other hand, is good fashion-wise with the exception of an alarming tendency to choose highwaters for pants. Anything else is fine, but the man cannot be allowed to buy pants by himself.
Kate P said…
Rob--ha! I am pretty sure my mom marches to a different drummer most of the time. . . but she did have an awesome evening jacket to lend me for that fancy-pants dinner the other weekend.

Dave--pants buying seems to be a troublesome thing for a lot of men! My dad really knows about getting dressed up, but he can't seem to buy the right length of more casual pants, or get the darn things hemmed. Or they're way baggy in the seat and legs. What is up with that?

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