You Won't See Much of Me This Weekend

1. Library conference tomorrow, almost all day.

2. Younger Sister is in town for a visit. I had chicken cacciatore (one of my favorites that I must have Mom teach me to make) with her and our parents tonight.

3. Older Brother and SIL decided to arrange a belated anniversary dinner for our parents on Sunday. None of us has ever been to the restaurant they chose, but I've heard from other people it is good. (In a somewhat surprising but very thoughtful move, Younger Sister sent me a side e-mail telling me not to worry about paying my share of dinner because she knew I was dealing with The Cat's medical expenses. Very sweet of her.)

4. I still haven't listened to the CD to help me learn a bunch of new music for First Holy Communion and, practice is next Wednesday.

5. Gee, I kinda can't remember having a vacation recently. I am exhausted.


ccr in MA said…
I know for me, it's very important to "schedule" time here and there with nothing scheduled. Time to recharge the batteries! But I hope you enjoy the conference, and have a nice dinner with your family. (That was nice of your sister!)

I can't really tell you I hope you enjoy the game, but I know you understand...
Rob said…
I loved chicken cacciatore in grammar school and high school. I've never seen it on a restaurant menu. Made it once here. Was OK but not great. You have a good recipe?

ccr in MA is right. You have to set aside some regular down time. For us, it is Sunday evenings. On Sunday evenings, we are either home winding down or we're doing something we WANT to do for ourselves.
Pammy pam said…
i can give you an easy peasy lemon squeezy chicken cacc recipe.
Rob said…
I like easy peasy, Pammy pam. :)

pb - at - crabapplelane - dot - net
Red Stethoscope said…
Hope you get some rest soon! And yes, so sweet of your little sis to offer to pay your share for you.

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