Obviously I Cannot Predict Anything

But at the very least, I can say that it went well.  I wasn't sitting in front of a firing squad (table full of adminstrators) but rather just the principals of the schools with open positions. They were very nice, intelligent people, and seemed to be agreeable to my responses.  Here's hoping I get called back in to teach a practice lesson (yikes).

In the meantime--the Maid of Honor is reporting for duty.



ccr in MA said…
Well it's a start! Fingers will remain crossed for you. Did they give a timeline?
Kate P said…
I think they said a week, but with July 4 approaching I think it might take longer.
Dave E. said…
Got my fingers crossed too. Good luck!
Kate P said…
Thanks, Dave! As my bro said today, "Cautiously optimistic."
Annie Coe said…
Kate, My fingers and toes are crossed too!
I hope cat is doing well and finally eating!
All the best.
Kate P said…
Annie--thank you! And The Cat is doing O.K. Still not eating but we had (I hope) a fruitful visit to the vet.

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