Calico vs. Printer

(Via Younger Sister.) My cat has always had a fascination with my computer printers. She used to watch my old one spit out pages with great alacrity, and she likes to sit on the new one when it's idle.

Here is another calico dealing with a printer--captioned in a British man's voice (warning: swear words!). I think "he" sounds a lot like Scroobius Pip (swear words dropped out but there's a slightly NSFW moment).

Funny stuff.


Annie Coe said…
Funny! What a doll that cat is. I hope you are feeling all better.
Happy Thanksgiving!xoxo
Kate P said…
Annie--I love it when cats get a bit obsessed with something they don't understand! I'm feeling a bit better, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew!!!

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