Strep Throat Blues

I've been keeping a low profile--just busy with things at home, and school has been pouring on the pressure. And apparently giving me strep. I didn't feel well all weekend, and had a horrible sore throat Sunday, but I pretty much have no sick days thanks to September, so I went to school. I couldn't get a doctor's appointment on Monday, anyway, and the nurse said that while there were confirmed cases of strep among the students, I didn't have enough of a temperature to be sent home. (So I've been walking around with a low-grade temp I can't get rid of in addition to the sore throat. It's grand.)

The doctor took me on Tuesday afternoon, so at least I got to leave school a little bit early. Of course, when you get a strep culture done, you have to wait 48 hours for the results, so I just slogged through the rest of the week. Doc sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics (oh joy) but said to wait until the earlier of (1) positive strep test results or (2) not feeling better by Friday.

I got #1 tonight. I couldn't figure out what weird music was playing in the background of Big Bang Theory until I realized my purse was ringing. At least the doctor didn't call until after the hilarious opening dialogue about Marvel superheroes! But he did call, and he did say go fill that prescription. So once the show was over, I hit the road for the drugstore. (Well, at least I get to listen to more of my audiobook.)

I guess I have to tell the school nurse I'm another statistic tomorrow. I'm so tired and I think my immune system must hate me by now. . . but I don't think they'll tell me to go home.

Besides, the (single) Spanish teacher asked me to help him with citations for his grad school course tomorrow after lunch.

Guess I'll live.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, jeez! I hope you feel better soon.

(My wvw is "nocuquit". Weird, right?)
Kate P said…
Wait, isn't "nocuquit" a Massachusetts town?
Lindsay said…
Is he nice? Attractive? ;o)
Kate P said…
He's nice. Fairly cute. A little younger--as a matter of fact, he went to high school with one of my former neighbors (whose sister is friends with my sister because *they* went to high school together). Gosh, I hope he didn't ask around about me. My teenage years were one big awkward phase.

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