In Which I Get Into Trouble on My Day Off

Working late last Tuesday was the last straw for my feet. Ever since I started teaching, even student teaching, my feet have been hurting because I was wearing the same shoes I wore to the office all the time. I wasn't on my feet a ton when I worked in an office. For the past two years, my feet have been taking a massive beating. I realized that if my feet were going to survive, I needed better shoes.

On the recommendation of a teacher friend, I have taken the Dansko plunge.

Heck, I took the clogs plunge. I now have these.

These are more typical of what I like to wear.

I also bought orthotics to try to make my other shoes more supportive.

It's probably pretty obvious I am now on a payment plan with my mom. But at least she took me to lunch before working out those details.


Annie Coe said…
I have some of those clogs, they are kind to my feet, but I trip in them a lot and also find them hard to drive in. Better luck to you :-). xoxo
Kate P said…
Hmmm, I had not thought about what driving would be like, Annie. I guess time will tell! Thanks. :)

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