What a Difference a Day Makes

I think the antibiotic has kicked in; already my throat is starting to feel less sore. There still was the inevitable post-school sofa crash nap, though. I think I needed that, too.

It has gotten considerably colder out, and there is a critter (most likely a mouse) scritching in the radiator. You-know-who is on the case. (O.K., she's dozing right by the locus of scritching.)

Oh, and it's payday. Yippee. I can rent this desired-by-mice place another month.

It's time to have a good weekend. I hope you will, too.


ccr in MA said…
Goodness, you too! Feeling better should help. And maybe Harry Potter?
Kate P said…
Actually, I have yet to see a HP movie. I haven't read the series (gasp! I know!) and I don't like seeing movies based on books until I've read them. Which might take a few years.

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