Downsized Thanksgiving

No, I didn't spend any less at the grocery store this year over last year--however, I did buy fewer ingredients because we're expecting fewer people. Kind of a bummer. And I don't know what's going on at Casa de Older Brother & SIL but I have a weird feeling that SIL will be a no-show. Which is already her tradition for Christmas Eve dinner, but that's another story for another time. Not to sound selfish, but the last thing I need is for all the kids to be out-of-sorts on Thanksgiving because they got dropped off at my parents' tonight before O-Bro went to work and probably are staying over. . . because then Mom and Dad will be out of sorts, too.

I hope that the fact that it's a certain couple's wedding anniversary doesn't have anything to do with it. We all want to celebrate it so what's the big deal?

In any event, fewer people (and no newcomers) does mean that I won't be asked if I'm "seeing anyone." Already this week a sixth-grader yelled out in the middle of class, "Wait a minute--you're not married!?" as if he had a "eureka moment" after finally reading the cover letter to the freaking homework the class didn't do (and didn't do again after I gave them another week to do it!). Sigh. Maybe I'll count it as an advance point in Auntie Seraphic's Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge.

This librarian knows how I feel.

But we won't have time to get to that topic at dinner, because I've got far more interesting stories lined up.

Read on.


ccr in MA said…
Another thing for me to feel grateful for, I guess, is that I can't even remember when I last got this topic raised.

Happy Thanksgiving, you weird and wonderful single woman!
Seraphic said…
Maybe he had always wanted you on his "People I'd Like to Marry When I Grow Up" List but had been dissuaded by misleading playground gossip.
Kate P said…
CCR--sounds like very kind people around you! Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha!!!

Seraphic--I do suppose that is possible! The library secretary noticed that one of the 4th graders definitely has a crush on me. It's cute.

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