Dinner Story #2

(Read here and then here first.)

And then there's also the story of the printer.

This is my new printer. Well, not that new--I bought it several months ago from QVC when I ran out of Polaroid film and as far as I knew that was the end of Polaroid (not true anymore, but an unusual reincarnation). It occurred to me that I should try it out beforehand. When I did that last night, I realized my camera wasn't interfacing with the printer. Yikes! Panic time!!!

I had some errands to run after retreating from the retreat, so I went up to the mall and brought my camera to the camera store. The guy totally was not interested in helping me and wouldn't even look at my camera. You know, he could have convinced a very desperate me to get a new camera or accessory thing or something, but he just totally brushed me off. He seemed to think I was stupid for not just uploading my pictures to the computer to print, but he didn't get that I bought a special printer for a special project that's very important to my family. (I also suspect he didn't want to admit he was totally ignorant of Polaroid products.)

So I went home and called the printer customer service line. They didn't know what was wrong, either, and suggested I call customer service for my camera. By some miracle, I found my years-old camera manual, and the light bulb went off. I wasn't getting the menu I should have been, but I didn't know how to get it.

After a failed attempt to contact the department for digital support (got some weird "Bob is out" message and was hung up on), I called again and talked to a nice lady in another department who walked me step by step through the whole process. Answered all my questions and everything.

It worked!!!

I hope we actually get to do the project.


Annie Coe said…
yay! So glad you got it all sorted out. I hope you get to do your project too. Happy week. xoxo
Kate P said…
Thanks, Annie--yeah, our posters looked great, thanks for asking. I love that new little printer and this was the first year we had three little artists on the job!

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