Job Search Surprise

Remember when I said the local library told me they weren't hiring at the moment? A few days ago, I got an e-mail saying they'd like to interview me the second week of February. Great, right?

Then I got a call yesterday (Monday) from one of the children's librarians, asking if I could come in this week. Um. . . wow. Yes, absolutely.

She e-mailed me the job description and I'm absolutely terrified by it (which is ridiculous in light of the fact it's part time), but maybe--if I decide I want the job--I'd be on the learning curve. I just need something to do, to get more experience, and bring in more money.

I was supposed to go downtown to meet with a school Career Services person tomorrow morning, but the weather has been snowy tonight and is expected to get worse. Figures, doesn't it? All I have to do is make an appointment, and January decides to be January on that day. Maybe I can have a phone appointment instead.

So it's been a strange week so far. Stay tuned, blog friends.


Good luck!

You have to be on a learning curve. If you ever find yourself on a job where you are not, it's time to get another job.
Mr. Bingley said…
Go kick some butt!
Cullen said…
Good luck! Hope the weather cooperates.
Kate P said…
Thanks, you guys. I'm about to don my suit (and snowboots). Will update you later! :)

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