About that Giant Box. . .

I'm about to go wrestle it open, because (1) it kills the time while I'm waiting for the water to boil for my mac-n-ch(r)eese, and (2) it makes me unavailable to answer the phone or check my e-mail, as I am avoiding my aunt's attempts to pimp me out to one of her piano-student-families for a babysitting job thinly disguised as a reading tutor job.

Her: three phone calls, two voice mail messages, two e-mails.

Me: two e-mails.

I don't understand what I have to say to get her to take NO for an answer, unless she's trying to get me to say something to get her ticked off at me. (Maybe all of her other family feuds have cooled as of late?).

Then again, making her so angry with me that she stops speaking to me might be kinda the way to go at this point.

I'll keep you posted.

On the stereo, I mean.

UPDATE 1/13/2010: From the aunt: no sound; from the stereo: really good sound.


Annie Coe said…
Good luck with that box :-). If you have already said no to your aunt then avoiding her is about all you can do because some people just don't understand the word NO.
ccr in MA said…
Oh, whew. I think you'll have better luck with the stereo than with convincing your aunt that you mean it. Yikes!
Dave E. said…
"On the stereo, I mean."

Hahaha...Oh no, you're not getting away with that.
Mr. Bingley said…
No means NO
Kate P said…
Annie--thank you. Yeah, why can't some people understand the word NO?

ccr--well, if she does accept the no, she's probably mad at me. I can't win.

Dave--I like the blogfriends who keep me honest. :)

Bingley--I think you've just inspired me to answer her next great idea with just two letters. Thanks!

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