Oscars Project: Chapter 1 Movie List

Movie list created from Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars

Tentative List from Chapter 1 (2000-2004) "Antianxiety Movies"

Erin Brockovich
Murder on a Sunday Morning
Seabiscuit (under "What Were They Thinking?")
The Hours

I plan to do these in the order listed here, but I hope to get advance notice if the order changes (usually resulting from attempts to obtain the next film in line).

Others mentioned in chapter (and possible alternates if needed and not yet seen): Finding Nemo, Lost in Translation, The Fog of War, Bowling for Columbine, Into the Arms of Strangers, Mystic River, Shrek, Monster, Pollock, A Beautiful Mind, Monster's Ball (also "WWTT?")


Cullen said…
Geez. I've seen almost every movie on the list and the alternates.

I think many of the alternates are much stronger films than the initial list. Finding Nemo, Lost in Translation, Mystic River, Shrek, Monster - all good and/or powerful movies. Of your main list, I was only impressed with Adaptation and Seabiscuit.

I liked Monster's Ball too, but it was quite disturbing.
Kate P said…
That's pretty impressive, Cullen! I've seen. . . Shrek. See what I mean? (And, uh, no chance I'd ever sit through Monster's Ball. Ever.)
Cullen said…
What I didn't like about Monster's Ball was all the ballyhoo about "teh $3x scene!" Whatever. Heath Ledger's performance, short as it was, was amazing. First movie he was in that made me sit up and take notice of the guy. The whole study of relationships, the secrets that shame us, the things we can't say, and the ones that come to light - very moving. Don't know that Berry deserved the Oscar, but it was quite a flick.

Adaptation is probably my favorite out of all the movies listed here. I can't wait until you get to it. I love, love, love Charlie Kaufman.

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