Story of My Life

My co-librarian lost her voice yesterday, and it wasn't quite back in action today. Because she can't really help people--nobody can hear her--at one point in the afternoon she mentioned she was going to just go into our nonfiction collection to work on moving the books over on the shelves where we weeded a bunch of stuff out of the collection and had a big gap.

Sounded pretty nice to me.

Me: Don't get me wrong, I like teaching and working with technology, but sometimes it's just great to get lost in the stacks.

My Co-Librarian: You were born at the wrong time to be a librarian.


ccr in MA said…
I worked in my high school library, way back when, and I loved getting lost in the stacks. Life magazine from the beginning, obscure biographies ... all the things you never see if you go to get exactly what you want, then leave.
Kate P said…
CCR, I think about that all the time--is browsing, REAL browsing, dead? Will we never stumble upon great things ever again. I think of all the neat words I'd see on my way to an entry in the dictionary. . . now people just go to Dictionary-dot-com and go right to their target word.

If they can spell it.

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