New TV! New TV! Yay!!!

It took about two hours, but I got my new TV and new cable box set up, and the picture is big and gorgeous. I still have to hook up the DVD player, but that can wait (although the next movie for the Oscars Project is waiting for me).

The old TV/DVD/VCR--and when I say "old" I mean "former," because it was only about five years old--had an annoying hum, the VCR part pretty much died a few months ago (would not rewind, kept rejecting tapes, and this week ignored a timer recording), and the DVD player was wearing out from consistent weekly use. The lousy hunk of junk's in the dumpster getting rained on right now.

Don't ask me why I wound up with that poor excuse for a TV; I didn't buy it. That, I believe, is the last of the things The Ex gave me. The earrings broke, I chucked most of the videos and trinkets, the books were given away or sold online.

I feel as if I've taken back my living room.


Cullen said…
I need pics and/or stats. I'm going through TV system withdrawal without knowing.

I'll probably wind up joining you on some of your movie projects. I've seen Chicago, though, and it's just not my kind of flick.
Maggie May said…
Congrats! I hope you enjoy it!
ccr in MA said…
Very cool; congratulations!

I'm waiting for my 20-year-old TV to die before I get a new one. Any year now...
Amy said…
"I feel as if I've taken back my living room."

...And taken back your life?
Kate P said…
Cullen, it's a Sony Bravia 32" LCD HDTV (Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel.) It's weird getting used to separate components, but it's not bad so far. And, uh, trust me, I won't be squeeing over all these films. . . my thoughts on "Chicago" are up. (And are you referencing a famous song with the "my kind of"??? Hahahahaha.)

Maggie May--thank you! I certainly am having fun with it.

CCR--20 years represents a non-junk-y TV for sure. Those were the days.

Amy--you might be on to something. Although because I wound up having to empty out the TV stand to fit the DVD/VCR someplace unexpected, now I have to reclaim the LR from a bunch of videos and CDs!

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