This will be brief--the Benadryl I took is starting to kick in and making me a little woozy. Took the Benadryl because I had to taste the dinner I was making for a teacher. Her family took some hits this past semester, the last one being right around Christmas, so another teacher in her department organized a schedule for people to volunteer to make a dinner for her family. This recipe isn't too bad; it came together really fast. . . and honestly, if you don't like bread crumbs, you probably could skip the oven and serve it straight from the stovetop. But it's a lot of milk and cheese, so definitely not one I'd make for myself. I might try to adapt it sometime so it's milk-free. In any event, the teacher is really nice and smart, and probably one of my favorites for, if only because she asked if I'd turned 30 yet.

I could have hugged her.

The only real downside to this recipe is that preparing raw chicken makes you vulnerable to pet attacks--in my case, the Cat almost jumped on hot stove. I hated yelling at her, but there was no way I was going to the vet E.R. tonight. After that psychotic episode, she settled back down in one of her happy places.

Gotta run--need some sleep because I get to be librarian-in-charge tomorrow! (Pray for me.)


Dave E. said…
That recipe made me hungry. We would call that a hotdish around here. I don't see how you can make that totally milk-free, but if you figure it out, please let us know. I hope your LIC day went well.
Kate P said…
Dave, I am surprised you managed to make sense of such an incoherent post! Yes, I will definitely share the recipe in the event I have some success. And thanks for the well wishes--things went sufficiently O.K. :)

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