The Friday Five Asks the Magic Eight Ball

Or should ask it, I guess. I don't own one. It's probably better that I don't know the answers. . . I always think of the debates about self-fulfilling prophecies, or free will, or just going with the flow. But then I think that to some degree we weren't meant to be anxious about the future--so how do we deal with not knowing? We discuss five things whose future I'd like to know now:

1. When will I finally be comfortable with the idea of joining facebook? You know, when will it actually seem to be of use to me, or to Tracey for that matter.

2. Will the workout video I ordered be any good? (And will I have that expression on my face after I work out?)

3. After managing to keep my cool on a day where my co-librarian was at an off-site meeting, my key got stuck in the lock to the library door (still locked, and with two dozen eager students breathing down my neck at 6:51 a.m.), and we had a lockdown (first in two or three years! with about 200 students in the library!), if the position opens up for the next year, can I qualify as a shoo-in for the job?

4. Will my library staffer who is determined to do matchmaking for me--from among the single straight male faculty members--succeed?

5. Is the stereo that just arrived going to fit in my TV cabinet? (Note the lack of any kind of physical description--not even some lousy dimensions.)

Please let there be three layers of bubble wrap.

Have a great weekend, and don't get bogged down in the what-ifs!


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