The Cinematherapy Oscars Project

When movies aren't a sure thing, and tickets cost upwards of $8.50, they're something I tend to put pretty low on the list of entertainment. When the awards shows roll around each year, I don't watch, because I've seen only one (or possibly none) of the nominees. Half the time, I don't even get what people are raving about when it comes to certain acclaimed films.

At the same time, though, it does make me feel a little culturally deficient.

The idea to remedy this problem: Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars. This book views films as a reflection of the times in which they were created/nominated, and of course (sorry, fellas) from the perspective of inspiration for women.

How this is going to work: Every week, typically on Thursday night but Friday night at the latest, I will post about a movie (selected from the book) that I have watched during that week.

A few more miscellaneous details:
  • I have chosen about 48 films, expecting to complete the project by year's end. That said, I'm off to a late start, so I probably will do two in one week occasionally.
  • I will be going in chapter order in the book, which is by decade, starting with 2000-2004--2004 being the publication date of the book--and going backwards.
  • Every third film in the chapter was chosen, unless I saw it already or didn't have the stomach for it. (Seriously--Monsters' Ball comes to mind, for example.)
  • I will post the list of films from each chapter in advance, with a few possible alternates in case I can't track some down.
  • I will try to watch them in order of the list, but the order will be subject to how soon I can obtain a copy of the film. I will try to give notice if I am deviating from list order.
  • I reserve the right to take two nonconsecutive weeks off (barring any horrible personal disasters, ptui, ptui)
  • Movies will be provided by the local video rental store and the library. If I get desperate, possibly "Video on Demand," but I hope not.

Of course, all blogreaders are invited to read and/or watch along with me! And comment! I don't claim to be an expert on film (what with one film class from my undergrad days--but oh, I loved that class), so contributions to the discussion are strongly encouraged! All I ask is that you be respectful, as usual.

First up: Chicago

O.K., Smokey. Roll 'em.


Amy said…
Can't wait! And I loved Chicago!
Anonymous said…
I really like Chicago, the movie. I have the soundtrack on a homemade Broadway mix CD that I listen to in my car all the time.

I can relate to what you said about feeling somewhat culturally deficient if I haven't seen the films honored at the Oscars or read the books they're based on. But honestly? Sometimes films are just a sad waste of celluloid and represent a pointless waste of brain cells. Unfortunately, you can never be sure until after you've already watched them!

But I'm up for it- looking forward to your discussion of more movies.
Kate P said…
Wow, two comments from people I don't recognize--are you regular readers? Anyway, glad you're joining in. (And LenaDeeAnne: I see what you're saying, but if a film is being showered with buzz and honors such as Oscars, I want to know WHY!)
Amy said…
Kate, it's Amy Giglio. I switched email addresses and blogger isn't having it. I just can't be bothered to log in and out 100,000 times a day every time I want to post something or check my gmail.

Kate P said…
I thought that might be you, Amy! :)

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