Consider Me Prepared

So today was absolutely nuts because the library aide who was supposed to work a full day (normally we have full day coverage with one aide in the morning and the other in the afternoon) called in sick. I could say something about that, but I won't.

And of course we are being called to help hither and yon--and right as second period is about to start, our secretary, who went to deliver some A/V equipment, calls for help because apparently nobody in that room has even a basic grasp of technology. Especially our secretary. My co-librarian took the call and tried to resolve the issue over the phone. BAD IDEA. She asked the secretary to check the back of the computer to see if the network cable connection had flickering lights to indicate the connection was live.

She got put on hold so long she hung up the phone and headed downstairs to the classroom.

In the meantime, the secretary called back. "[Co-librarian]'s on the way," I told her, as I was watching students start to filter in for second period.

"Oh," she says. "Well, do you know about these lights I'm supposed to be looking for?"

Seriously? Does she not get why someone is on the way down to her? And that the result is I'm the only librarian (and unbeknown to her the only one there at all) and I have classes and free period students in need of my immediate attention?

She does this all the time. One of us will ask her to do something tech-related, she'll say "O.K.," and then she'll go to somebody else because she doesn't understand what she was just asked to do. Wasting everyone's time. She's been at this school way longer than I have but doesn't seem to have any comprehension of half the things the library deals with on a regular basis.

There's a lot of talk about the budget right now. Cuts sound inevitable. It's created a sourness among our aides that is at times somewhat unprofessional. We've got a secretary who can support us only when paperwork or phone calls are involved, or if there's a request for equipment she can identify.

If I can survive a day like today, maybe staff cuts won't hurt too badly.

That is, if I have a job next year.


Amy Giglio said…
I work with someone like that too. I can deal with "I don't know what to do with the computer," but I can't deal with, "I don't want to learn what to do with the computer."

well, the best thing about that work day is it's over.

i hope you've got a job there next year. I can only imagine what life is like in public schools right now. Our home district is cutting all of its pre-k programs because of budget cuts. Can't imagine how fun it is to work there right now with all that staff knowing they're not coming back next year.
Dave E. said…
When I had to do user IT support I never hated helping those who wanted to learn. It was the ones who wouldn't even try that frustrated me.

It smart to think ahead about certain things given all of the uncertainty, but don't worry too much about the things you can't control at this point. I've found that preparing for anything is better than worrying. You'll be okay.
Pammy pam said…
stupid people scare me. hang in there!
Kate P said…
Amy--it's just so odd that someone's computer skills almost seem to deteriorate instead of improve. But the one-track-mind stuff drives me crazy. Priorities--it's an ongoing problem with this person. Example: We need help managing the lunch hour in the library but for some bizarre reason this person can't take a break from some administrative task that doesn't need to be completed right then. Arrrgh.

Dave--exactly. That's one thing where I have to give my mom credit. She might balk first out of nervousness, but she always lets me walk her through stuff on the computer.

Pam--ha ha! "I see dumb people."
Cullen said…
I've always been the unofficial IT guy (or official in a couple of cases). Like Dave, I never had a problem teaching folks. What I didn't like was having to tell the same people the same thing again and again. They either didn't care enough to really learn or just couldn't comprehend. Worst part of knowing something is when people just figure they can count on you to get it done.
Kate P said…
Cullen, I definitely feel as if there is part of this person that views me as the person who does the things that she does not want to do. I really think it's an age/experience kind of prejudice.

Maybe it was a passive-aggressive moment, but I left the coffee pot for her to clean out on Friday as payback of sorts. She has this obsession with not being the one to clean it if she made coffee, but by the end of the day I'd had enough.

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