I Needed to Take a Step Back

Sorry for how quiet the blog's been--the library has been hectic all day (managing three and four classes at a time, plus free period students and other demands) for the past few days, plus meetings after school, plus that stupid time change. . . I am exhausted.

The good news is that the cat's claws finally got trimmed. Now she can chuck me under the chin with her front paw--her new little quirk--without nearly giving me kittypuncture.

There's much to do tomorrow, but I'm hoping I can make it through Schindler's List and have the post up late Friday/early Saturday--it's due back, anyway.

Is it Easter yet? That chocolate stashed on the bottom shelf of my fridge is sounding awfully good right about now.


ccr in MA said…
Wow, you have the willpower to not eat chocolate when it is in the house? I bow to you. Such a thing is rare here.

The time change has kicked my butt. I'm hoping copious weekend sleep, and sunshine, will help me recalibrate.

Recently I learned it was time to trim Carlos's claws when he put a paw on my leg to get my attention, and it felt like a needle. Whoa!
Annie Coe said…
I say, break out the chocolate!Take it easy. xoxo
Kate P said…
The secret is. . . the chocolate is in cardboard boxes--outta sight, outta mind. Not gonna do it. :)

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