It's Tech Time Again

A few weeks ago, I switched to Firefox. I like a lot of things about it--faster loading, better views, no crashes, I finally can read Sheila again--but I'm having a problem.

I can't comment on a lot of blogs I used to. I try commenting and the comment vanishes.

Do I need to convert my blogger account? Every time I work on my blog, I don't see a Dashboard option even though I'm signed in--it still has "Sign In" at the top. Weird.

Any ideas???


Cullen said…
I stopped using Firefox about half a year ago and switched to Chrome, so I don't know what real helpful advice I can give other than to say you should probably talk to Bingley. His being a fellow Mac-head, he's probably got something sage to say.

But if you can get Chrome, get Chrome.
ccr in MA said…
i wish I could help, but I have no idea. I've used Firefox for a couple of years without having that trouble. Of course, now I've probably jinxed myself!
Dave E. said…
I'm out of the loop about browser development these days, but I've been seeing some weird things lately too. The other day I could not comment on my own blog with Firefox, yet IE was fine. It's okay today. Before that, I had a day where IE wouldn't show an embedded video, but Firefox would.

There are a lot of players in delivering web content these days, far more than just the browser developers themselves. There seems to be times when not everybody is very diligent about testing how compatible upgrades are with everyone else. Maybe this is one of those phases.

It's good to have multiple browsers available just in case. It wouldn't hurt to add Chrome to either use on a regular basis or as a backup if you start having trouble with one or both of the others.
Kate P said…
Cullen--I am hesitant about Chrome. My parents had problems with it after my sister installed it. . . but then again, they have Vista (ew!). This is on my Windows PC but I have XP. No internet on my iMac and I like it that way.

CCR--ptui! ptui! No jinx.

Dave--good point; why is there no universal compatibility? IE was crashing all the time so I can't go back to that. I'll have to think about Chrome.
Cullen said…
I can't imagine Chrome having caused any of your parents' problems. I run XP, Vista and Win7 at home at run Chrome exclusively on all my computers. Not only is it the fastest browser out there, with Firefox being hit with a lot of security issues of late, it's also one of the most secure.

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